Artec Eva

Artec Eva is our most

popular 3d scanner thanks to its

speed and precision.


Artec Leo

Revolutionary 3D Scanner

with HD screen where you can see

the item you are scanning in real time.


Artec Space Spider

Industrial 3D scanner with meteorological accuracy!


Artec Ray

Can scan items

up to 110m distance!


World-leading 3D solutions

Scan 3D Innovations delivers professional solutions for all needs in 3D applications.

We sell the world’s best handheld and stationary 3D scanners available on the global market. After 10 years of experience, S3Di’s amazing scanners are used in just all areas, from manufacturing to visualization, archiving and research.

S3Di delivers leading CAD softwares from Geomagic (3D Systems). Design X, Control X, Freeform, Geomagic for SolidWorks and Wrap. With a tailor-made solution, everything can be realized.

Knowledge and experience is based on S3Di’s position in Scandinavia. With over 13 years of experience internationally in leading markets, we have acquired a broad knowledge of various applications and areas where our technology can be applied.

Scan 3D Innovations are leading suppliers and experts in 3D technology. With the main focus on 3D scanning and CAD softwares. From organic, medical product design to parametric CAD, Reverse Engineering or quality control.
Scan 3D Innovations represents world-leading products and knowledge in these areas.


We deliver solutions for reverse engineering and quality control, as well as technologies for medical design, AR/VR visualization, digital archiving and art. Here you can see some of our happy customers.


Together with BraunAbility, Bruno Independent Living Aids and Unwin, Autoadapt is the leading supplier of safe vehicle customization solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility.


We deliver 3D based configurators, images, films and VR 360 ° apps-boosted by automated workflows and innovative minds.

Atlas Copco

We are a world-leading manufacturer of sustainable productivity solutions. We create value for our customers through innovative compressors, vacuum solutions, industrial tools and assembly systems, as well as equipment for the mining, construction and civil engineering industries.


Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering Group with about 43.000 employees with a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety.

Lund University

Researchers and Lecturers use our 3D scanners for research in the Biology and Ecology Treasury Department’s. They also use 3D Scanning for motion tracking of human subjects.