Automatic Base Removal

Automatically delete the base your object was scanned on. No need to manually erase that table, stand, or floor!


 Global Registration 

Now up to 20 times faster than in previous version.


Fast, accurate scan alignment

Auto-align for quick, easy processing. Now 95% of objects can be auto-aligned with total accuracy at the click of a button.


Texture at lightning speed

Artec Studio can texturize your model with resolution up to 1684x1684.


Fast mesh simplification

Optimize the size of your final file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.


Measurement tools

Export linear, geodesic and sections measurements in DXF, CSV and XML


Direct scan to CAD

Artec Studio  has been successfully integrated with indispensable tools for engineers, product developers and designers to provide them the fastest and smoothest path from 3D scan to CAD.

Purchase options

Studio Professional
Already known to be the most powerful, flexible and cutting-edge 3D scanning software for professionals, this new release of Artec Studio brings you a whole new level of automated features, designed with speed and usability in mind. Along with the now streamlined advanced features for maintaining total control over your 3D data, you will also have a full set of new tools to make your workflow easier and faster, without ever compromising on accuracy.
Studio Ultimate
Using Artec Studio Ultimate and a compatible 3D sensor like the Kinect 2 is an excellent way of learning the skills needed for 3D scanning and processing. Whether you just want to experiment before buying a professional grade 3D scanner or just do some 3D scanning at home, Artec Studio Ultimate will allow you to start exploring the world of 3D technology. Compatible with: Microsoft Kinect v1 & v2, ASUS XTion, PrimeSense F200 (IVCAM), R200 (DS4) & SR300, XYZprinting 3D scanner.